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A Brand Activation & Event Staffing Agency

We Are SIN.

We focused on getting your brand noticed offline & online
At SIN, we provide professional staffing for lifestyle and corporate events of all sizes, and we are in the business of curating memorable experiences for your customers. Having both created and produced experiential consumer events for over 15 years, we know that the overall goal of hosting your event is to boost your visibility and reach more customers.
Our creative network is comprised of strategists and experiential events experts which allow us to offer our professional services in the form of staffing, influencer management, content marketing, design, and public relations.
Having worked with Consumer Brands, Marketing and Public Relations Agencies, Organizers, and more – through our face-to-face marketing and digital engagement – we know how to create a professional space that engages your event’s attendees with your business.
Whether your next event is of a corporate, promotional, conference, fitness, fundraising, or high-end lifestyle nature – or even a simple meeting – we will help arrange and execute the event with the driving force of our professional events staffing.
In understanding that the staffing for your next event needs to be perfect, it would be a SIN not to

We provide four core services to help meet your marketing goals

sin event production


Celebrity Gifting Lounge


Our conference hostesses won’t just usher guests to their seats but will converse with your delegates in an articulate manner and make them feel welcomed at your event

We get your product into the hands of celebrities and influencers

SIN event staffing


From demonstrating products or generating leads, our team of product samplers will engage and interact with your target audience helping to convert potential customers into sales.

sin event production


We create consumer engagement experiences for both B2C and B2B brands through event marketing, promotional marketing, and social media tactics.

Creating opportunities for consumers to engage with your brand in the most relevant way.

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